Вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился

Given all the tax reforms being proposed under the Trump administration, many Americans are understandably wondering if they will be paying more or less in taxes next year.

вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился

The answer is that if the GOP tax reform plans are passed, which are highly likely at this stage, then a lot of people will see lower tax effective tax rates in given increased in tax bracket income thresholds. If they don&#;t pass the then the published IRS tax brackets shown below will be in effect.

Income Tax Brackets and Rates under Reconciled/Final Trump GOP Tax bill

Tax RateSingle FilersMarried Filing JointlyMarried, filing separatelyHead of Household
10%Up to $9,Up to $19,Up to $9,Up to $13,
12%$9, to $38,$19, to $77,$9, to $38,$13, to вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился, to $82,$77, to $,$38, to $$82,$51, to $82,
24%$82, to $,$, to $,$82, to $,$82, to $,
32%$, to $,$, to $,$, to $,$, to $,
35%$, to $,$, to $,$, to $,$, to $,

The standard deduction in will double to $12,/$24, (single/married) under the GOP tax bill.

The $4, personal exemption will be fully eliminated вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился

IRS tax tables (assuming Trump/GOP Tax reforms don&#;t pass)

Federal Tax Rates and Marginal Tax Brackets

Tax RateSingleMarried Filing JointlyMarried Filing SeparateHead of Household
33%$,$,$, -$,$,$,$,$,
%over $,over $,over $,over $,
Std Deduction$6,$12,$6,$9,

Trump and House Republican Tax Brackets and Rates (superseded by Reconciled/Final GOP Bill)

House Republicans have released their detailed tax proposals and here is their tax table reflecting a consolidation of tax rates/brackets from seven to four (excluding 0% rate covered by the standard deduction).

Note that IRS tax brackets (shown above) should be used for comparison as it is unlikely these new rates will be in effect for (filed in ):

Tax RateSingle Filers Married/Joint Filers
0% (Standard Deduction Threshold)$0 to $12,$25,
12%$12, to $45,$25, to $90,
25%$45, to $,$90, to $,
35%$, to $,$, to $1,

The standard deduction nearly doubles under the GOP/Trump plan, but the personal exemption and several itemized deductions have been reduced or eliminated.

As further updates for come to light with new legislation, I will update the above table and related articles.

Senate Tax Reform Bill Tax Bracket Tables (superseded by Reconciled/Final GOP Bill)

Below is a summary of вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился tax tables under the Senate bill (vs current tax bracket)


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вариант 4 по нпгибену .и вот появился